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The Engineering Department Training in 2015

On Nov. 28, the outdoor development training for engineering department, finally began at 6:40 in the morning. We meet in Jinan peculiar haze, set out into the south of the city. Ice and snow has not melt all the way. The driver drove carefully sending us safe to expand training base. At 8 o 'clock in the morning, we gathered quickly, getting to know our coach, began ice-breaking mission. Begin with the group member, team captain, the secret to a team name, slogan, team song, do the flag, to born in the team brave and team fire, the culture as well. In the prologue of coach humorous, we preliminarily understand the meaning of team, the team should trust each other, abandoning the differences, respect each other, to have active communication and good judgment. The team must have the oneness, there can be only one voice, order, to understand that is not your own, but our common goal, to work together, work together for a common goal, and move on to a new journey, to make better results! For this direction, our outward training has officially kicked off.


 Our first mission is a traffic jam, from the start of the messy chapter, through the instructor guidance, implicit cooperation between players, earnest efforts, listen to instructions and coordinated, the red team in 9.8 seconds, yellow excellent achievement of 13.1 seconds to complete the instructor asked the enormity of the task completion within 20 seconds. During a stray, blame process, even we had disappointed, but in the end, we trust each other. Through the strict enforcement of the labor of working, we successful made the completion of the task.


The second mission, a live-action Counter-Strike, from offensive and defensive battle, let us fully experience what faith is, what is a bear, what is an entrust, what is the trust, we should have a firm, less than the last victory, never say die, there is no best, only better triumphalism, every inning to complete our campaign. Every one of us should take responsibility to deal with, stick to good jobs, don't pass any loophole, firmly locked every good, mutual cooperation, put your back to other’s teammates, firmly believe that my back with my teammates, I will never get hurt. Fully stimulate the sense of responsibility, self-confidence, team work spirit and the face of difficulties and challenges strain capacity. Though the mission can improve the time and task management skills and analytical problem solving skills, can increase the effective communication between team, form the positive coordination organization atmosphere, to establish the mutual cooperation, mutual support team spirit.

From spy wars and eliminate wars, we break through ego, break the old mode of thinking, develop the confidence to dare to challenge and determination, character, to build the global consciousness, let the players face challenge and stress, facing new problems, give full play to the individual talent, show individual glamour, strengthen the perspective-taking, active help of consciousness, make the individual and team internal communication cooperation more smoothly.


On the second day, we are stepping on the ice and snow road, along the winding mountain road to climb all the way to the peak. We overcome the difficulty of the slippery, overcome the waist sour leg soft, help each other, encourage each other, do not abandoning, do not give up, against the wind, the snow, to overcome all the obstacles. We insist to the top of the mountain, no one is left behind, and reached the top of the mountain, only to find that you've got a great view, not climbing, we'll never know what's the top of the mountain on the other side, not on the peak, we never know yourself is the best! Also let us understand that the power of the team is strong, if we are one people, you meet difficulties, tired, most likely fall by the wayside, but as a team, when we are a member of the team, support to encourage each other in all cases, no one will give up halfway, along with the team, just can enjoy the most beautiful scenery, will share the joy of success!


In the afternoon, climbing and broken bridge, someone thought simple, while others thought hard. When the climbing started, we encourage each other, help each other, some have even made several attempts to climb to the peak. Persistence and perseverance are performance incisively and vividly. When the first one climbed to the peak, everybody to give the most enthusiastic cheers. Who couldn't climb to the top didn't feel regret, tried and tried. It’s not they couldn’t, but that they in order not to delay time to give the opportunity to other teammates, let people could climb to the top. We should thanks to the dedication of his teammates and auxiliary teammates on the ground!!!!!!After we help each other, guidance, encouragement, eventually more than half of the people reached the peak, the campaign inspired everyone's potential, strengthened my will, found themselves, cultivate the courage and perseverance to overcome difficulties.



As the final project is completed, the two days of training in the summary of several representative and good performance of frequency pulled off in the award ceremony, also has been a complete success, let everybody gain pleasure and knowledge. In this two days one night of the time, we are far away from the hustle and bustle, forget age, laughter, here, we face the success or failure, remember, forget pain, accumulate the positive energy of life. In here, we enhance the emotional communication, improving the interpersonal relations, to establish a positive team atmosphere. In here, our engineering staff thank director Chen and VP Zhao to give us this opportunity. We would like to thank the engineering 2014 outstanding employees of selfless dedication. We would like to thank the coach gives me joy and harvest. We give thanks to the help of his teammate and pay. I also want to thank everyone for the support of my work, let I chaired the engineering training a complete success!!!!!!Thank my teammates!!!And thank the flame for the brave all members of the team!!!!!!You are the best!


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