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2015 annual electrical skills competition

After successful holding welders skills contests in October, the tournament skill set off a round of new trend in the company.  Under this trend, the company policy "safety, quality, efficiency, better", and culture has been more in-depth study and implement. Many employees reflect that hope company to hold more such activities. So to improve the employee's work efficiency, enthusiasm and initiative, guide the employee completes duty, fight for jobs merit, improve their professional skills, through this contest, doing the assessment of professional knowledge and practical operation ability and the comprehensive vocational ability and accomplishment, give full play to the competition of leading role, help staff find their own advantages and disadvantages, improve employees, show our culture, holding this contest this time.

The competition is divided into three parts, electrical theory knowledge, practice and review the exam. Theoretical knowledge as the request for the test, the actual operation including star triangle circuit drawing and wiring debugging. Through theoretical knowledge test and field match can investigate employee professional basic knowledge, practical hands-on ability and the comprehensive vocational ability and accomplishment. Before the entry staff seriously listened to the preaching about the rules of a game, and put forward problems in a timely manner, and then enter into the state of preparation.


Competitive Readiness

After 30 minutes of preparation, began the official competition field match. Although the game held in breath iced into fog of winter, but employees enthusiasm did not reduce because of this, they put all the enthusiasm, positive into the game.


The team staff seriously focus adjustment of the layout

       In order to reflect the fair justice of the game, the panel according to participating employees work completion time, the number, waiting for the final evaluation.


A detailed review panel of each work.

       After a jury member for each work and meticulous review, test and discussion, the final contest the top three, respectively by Jide Lo, Chao Liu, Chen Yang.


Accept the scene


The electrician team staff took photos

Accompanied by the end of the awards, the competition successfully. Through this competition shows the staff consummate skill, show the company's electrical engineer professional knowledge and practical skills, but also manifests the company has the abundant technical level. Through the skills contest, stimulate the employees to drill the enthusiasm of the business, learn technology, become experts, deepening the staff of "safety, quality, efficiency, better" principles of enterprise culture for understanding and learning, has played a series of leading role, to promote the development of the company quickly set up a good atmosphere.

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