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2015 Dashan Second & Third Quarters Outstanding Staff Awards Ceremony

November 12, 2015the Dashan second and third quarters outstanding staff awards ceremony was held in the headquarters and factory, respectively, to further strengthen the exemplary role, promote enthusiasm and creativity of staff. VP Peihe Zhao and the minister of various departments like Ping Zhan, Chao Li, chief financial officer and other leaders attended the meeting at headquarters. VP Peihe Zhao, Chenguang Li, Plant Manager Chonggen Zhong and minister of the department in factory and other leaders attended the meeting in factory.


During the meeting, Minister Li and Zhan announced the "Dashan 2015 second and third quarters of advanced individual notes" and commended the excellent workers who made an excellent staff performance.

Under a good atmosphere of collaboration, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company "excellent staff quarters selection approach", the second and third quarter results several highlights and a large number of excellent staff. Through layers of selection, the selection of publicity, second and third quarters of outstanding middle managers and talented employees has total of 60 people, including middle managers, deputy general manager of the second quarter, like Chenguang Li , Jihe Chen and the company awarded outstanding 28 people. the third quarter middle managers awarded Chonggen Zhong, Zegen Chen, Lidong Hu and outstanding employees 27 people. They were informed of their recognition and rewarded bonus 2000 yuan.


Subsequently, VP Zhao congratulated excellent staff and prize money. Meanwhile, Zhao wished the outstanding comrades could be modest and prudent, do an exemplary role, to do even better, make more and greater contributions in future work. The company also asked the staff to learn from outstanding employees as an example, to learn advanced beyond the advanced work in the future, to their own practical actions, to prove their worth and excellent long-term development of the company and make the greatest contribution.


At the meeting, Jingge Hu, Jianjun Ding and other eight outstanding staff representatives were to share their work reflections, proved the extraordinary position can also make an extraordinary contribution.


Finally, VP Zhao made a summary of the meeting, gave hearty congratulation to the award-winning staff and thanked all my colleagues in fighting in various positions. He encouraged everyone to learn from the recognition of employees as an example, with high efficiency, closely unite and go all out to meet the sprint at the end, which turns in a satisfactory answer for 2015!

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