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2015 Winter Fun Sports Meeting

In order to enrich employee amateur life, strengthen corporate culture and enhance their cohesion, Our company held the winter fun games held in Jinan Iron and Steel Arena on December 26, 2015. President Chen made a pre-speech, hoping employees can fully show themselves in this Games, being unity, cooperation, showing personal style, having a high level, achieving outstanding results. Subsequently, VP Zhao also placed good wishes and asked the referee in a fair and impartial judgment, team members solidarity and cooperation in the competition, to comply with competition rules, and announced the opening of the Games.


Base on the principle of "unity first, competition second", this time set up basketball game, tug of war, collective jump rope game, orangutans hold relay, ten person eleven foot game total of five group activities. Everyone gathered in the stadium, enthusiasm, showed their best play.

During basketball game, players act in harmony, motivated, valiant, moving like rabbits, shooting like Houyi.


And the tug of war, a dozen pairs at both ends of the rope, like a long queue, ready to try it. Once began, everyone make every effort. People never gave up during competition, not to be outdone, deafening slogans, shouting their voices. No matter who wins, there were the "unity" atmosphere.


Collective jump rope, a group of ten people jumping together, challenge collective record. Look! What a tacit understanding with everybody, united, together. Each group will make every effort to break through their limits, out of their own best score.


Orangutan hold relay, the ball caught in the next two armpits, as well as six relay between his legs. Fully embodies the coordination of team understanding. In the game, although only six people to participate, but they have the enthusiasm of the group members brought to the arena. Passionate cries members next field, was their motivation.


Ten person eleven feet, same as everyone rowing, adjacent players tied up their legs, and ten people walked together, hand in hand, together toward the end. In the game, fully tested understanding, unity, confidence, trust between the team members. Mutual trust between the team members with one mind, toward the end of the game, sames like Dashan brilliant staff work together and build a mountain!

This time we gave the top three outstanding sports team a team award, which is the team members reward outstanding achievements, but also on the active participation of all employees, hard work recognized.

       The activity fully showed the workers spirit of the games. It is an event to promote the company's construction of spiritual civilization, to strengthen mutual communication among company employees, promote solidarity, as well as training staff positive. And the indomitable fighting spirit is important. More importantly, enhance the physical fitness of employees, enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness, which in order to further develop the company to provide a strong guarantee.

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