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2015 Annual Meeting

Time flies, another spring is coming. Year changes, it is just a romantic time! Busy 2015 has been in a twinkling of an eye, we are full of looking forward to 2016 coming to us. New Year, new target and hope. On January 30, 2016, we hold the 2015 annual meeting, named "dream weavers sailing" in Xingquan hotel with all the staff. Our president Chen Jijiang, VP Zhao Peihe and  Li Chenguang and other leaders celebrated this feast with all staff for a happy memorable day.

First, New Year's greeting video was broadcasted, then the factory staffs sang the song of the company which is created by our colleagues. After the host announced the annual meeting starting, president Chen Jijiang has made a short speech to summarize the excellent result in 2015, has been clear about the company overall planning in 2016 and expressed his best wishes to employees and their family with New Year's greeting.



The development cannot leave any of colleague’s hard work. In order to commend advanced, encourage innovation, company awarded the innovation progress prize in November 2015, the best employees in the fourth quarter of 2015 and 2015 annual excellent employee. After the awarding ceremony, good staff and excellent middle representatives give a behalf speech, that tells the story of their own experiences. Finally, VP Zhao made a summary on the link, thanks to the all colleagues for their fully paid during the year, reiterated that the importance of innovation and wish the company and the employee's individual development is getting better and better!


The party program brilliant, climaxes. Red lion dance won applause of domineering performances. The street dance is by a beautiful girl to mobilize the employees enthusiasm and unrestrained the cheerful mood. The sketch "recruitment" take us through time and space, separated by one thousand years deduce classical humor. Finance department direct a sketch- the safety, quality, efficiency and better, make more in-depth understanding of eight policy. The news by quality inspection department is fun. And president Chen accomplished the catwalk show, made the party atmosphere to a climax. The song "gongxifacai", "brother cheers" sang out the longings for 2016 years of happiness!

More boiling is that the red envelope for employees and challenging interactive game also let everybody surprise.

Not only bring the laughter, but also make your co-workers heart more close to each other. Through this annual meeting, everyone can feel the warmth of family. Brilliant 2015 years on, full of hope and challenge 2016 quietly come. In the past year we've ever smile, hardness, also harvest. In the face the 2016, we are full of hope and passion, let us write a more brilliant future together with confidence and courage, strutting!

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