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Congratulations For Having Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards Certification

Our company has been certified as one of the first batch to meet the Enterprise intellectual property management standards on March 27, 2016.

On Feb. 24, the expert team with 2 person conducted a process-based method by looking at system file records, field observation and face to face interview to audit intellectual property related process and activitie of the company's development of science and technology, comprehensive, technology, finance, sales, production, human resources and other departments. They gave a full affirmation for the past half-year working, which we continue to carry out the enterprise intellectual property management regulations, enhance consciousness of intellectual property rights, the respect such as resource allocation optimization efforts and achievements.

VP Zhao and department supervisor listen to the conclusion and suggestion from the expert team. Manager of company leadership said the whole company will do the pressing working based on the conclusion and suggestion from the expert team, like timely cooperate closing nonconformities, extrapolate, internal audits, and take the corresponding improvement measures, to make sure the system implement and continuously improve enterprise management level and quality of intellectual property rights.

Under everyone's trying to cooperate, after more than seven months efforts, we successfully passed the intellectual property management system certification on March 27, 2016. In the implementation of the intellectual property management system, thank the leaders and departments giving a huge support and pay out. The enterprise intellectual property management system is in the service of the enterprise the management goal. The enterprise intellectual property management system should be unification on the basis of enterprise's strategic thinking. Only giving service for the enterprise the management goal, intellectual property management system can not lose the direction. The enterprise can gain value from intellectual property management. In turn, it can promote the continuous development of intellectual property rights further. During the later work, the company hope each department can in strict accordance with the "manual of intellectual property rights" and "program files" requirement, keep good implementation file, intellectual property rights in the process of implementation of the good work monitoring, improve the company intellectual property management system.

Enterprise intellectual property management system as a systematic project includes two aspects: hard and soft environment. The hard includes management institution setting and management organization. The soft is primarily a management system, including the management of professional work, passion, efficiency, and many other aspects.

Since Our company doing the implementation of the GB/T29490-2013 standard from September 1, 2015, all departments, in strict accordance with the standards, set up intellectual property management personnel, responsible for the management of the department of intellectual property rights and the execution is basic conform to the requirements of the "enterprise intellectual property management norms". In the implementation of intellectual property management system, the departments of intellectual property rights management are continuous learning efforts to innovation and to ensure the progress of the company's intellectual property management.


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