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17th Annual AMAP Conference and Workshop

Local time Feb. 09 to 11, the 17th Annual AMAP Conference and Workshop had been holding at hyatt Seattle. The president of our company took part in this meeting with Mr. Zhang and other member of sales department. Over 200 corporation or dot came to get meet here to talk about the development prospect of asphalt modification application and the direction of road construction and preservation, which depends on the main theme that is an industry perspective on current and future trends in materials and methodologies.

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      The main content of this conference is Introduction to Asphalt Modification, Chemistry of Modifiers and Asphalt Cement Introduction to Polymer Modification, Modifiers Used in Asphalt Modification, Emulsions of Modified Asphalt, Handling of Modified Asphalt – Contractors’ Perspective, Performance of Modified Asphalt, Testing and Rheology of Modified Asphalt and so on. As an advanced provider and supplier of asphalt emulsion and modification, systematic technical proposal of road preservation, we are in the first place of the whole industry in China. So we had a deep communication with other company from every aspect, like modifier, modification and emulsion plant, road maintenance technology and preservation. They are highly interested in the products like SBS Latex, three in one modification and emulsion plant, de-noise and skid-resistant ultrathin surface technique and its construction truck. At the same time, we played the company CF and technical introduction of the plant, SBS Latex and new preservation technology continuously, which attracted our international peers to make them knowing more about our products and ability. By this way, not only we had a good communication with them, but also built a long-term collaboration.



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After this conference and workshop, we not only just know about the newest situation, development prospect of the asphalt industry in US and the cutting-edge technology, but also we show the strength and competitiveness of our company, which lead us to a new market, get new client and build a new road for the further development.

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