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Shandong Dashan Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd.
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       Shandong Dashan Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. established in 1996. The former enterprise operated by Shandong University. And now, we are sino-foreign joint ventures with advanced technology of United States. We manufacture high cost-effective modified asphalt emulsion equipment, SBS/crumb rubber/composite rubber and plastic modified asphalt equipment, foamed asphalt equipment and gap-filling adhesive equipment. We manufacture mixing cold or hot recycled mixture equipment for factory as well. Our company has mastered production technology and processing capacity of several modified asphalt and emulsified asphalt products, and we can provide materials and technology for producing modified asphalt and modified asphalt emulsion. Now we have had advanced materials, technology and construction capacity for highway pavement construction and maintenance construction. Also we invest to establish Road Engineering Research Institute and Jinan New Material for Pavement and Energy Conservation & Regeneration Application Engineering Technical Research Center, and have long-term strategic cooperation relation with several universities, colleges and scientific research units. According to the requirments of IPMS, our company obtained the certification. We acquired some certifications like the national high-tech enterprises, Jinan enterprise tech-center, the fast-growing and technical enterprises and so on. We have a comprehensive and advanced technology and industry chain, which can provide professional technical support and service. It is certainly we can become the best partner of your company.

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