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1) Offer technical consulting and product formula for free

2) Provide production cost analysis and control methods of crumb rubber modified asphalt and SBS modified asphalt

3) Conduct equipment arrangement and design based on practical situations such as factory, site

4) Provide raw materials information for customers, such as SBS modifier, crumb rubber, stabilizer etc.

5) Provide the scheme of laboratory building, experiment skills training for free

6) Conduct comprehensive training for equipment operator and technical staff till they master the operation, repair and maintenance and work independently

7) Our company can provide the most suitable product formula and production process free of charge based on customers’ requirements or base asphalt, and we guarantee to realize the lowest production costs

8) Crumb rubber asphalt technology is a developing technology which has many advantages. Therefore, we are devoting ourselves to providing a comprehensive, whole-process technical service and product quality tracking during raw materials selection, production and processing, mix proportion design, construction paving, completion acceptance etc.

Our company will provide the following services based on our rich experience of engineering projects in order to achieve the maximum economic and social benefits

1) Consultations for raw materials selection 

    Crumb rubber mainly consists of asphalt and crumb rubber, that of different manufacturers may have some differences, we guarantee to select the best asphalt and crumb rubber for our customers

2) Design of crumb rubber asphalt formula 

    We will design the best performance formula for you based on performance standards of crumb rubber

3) Consultations service for mix proportion design of crumb rubber asphalt mixture

4) Consultations service for optimal design of pavement structure layer

5) On-site technical guidance of pavement construction, such as mixing, paving, compaction

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