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Asphalt test chamber

Asphalt test chamber is mainly responsible for research and development testing and asphalt materials include heavy traffic petroleum asphalt, modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, colored asphalt and some of the development and application of compound asphalt products.


Asphalt chamber consists of three parts: Asphalt conventional indexes lab,SHRP indexes lab and chemical composition tester lab. Asphalt conventional indexes lab is mainly responsible for the development and conventional index testing work of new products. Testing work involves three main indexes of asphalt, flash point, wax content and other conventional performance inspection. SHRP indexes lab introduces Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR), Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR), Pressure Weather Meter (PAV) and Rotational Viscometer (RV), which are used in American SHRP program. With the view to the performance of road, we test and evaluate asphalt materials, and meet the international standards to research PG performance rating of asphalt. DSR asphalt primarily used to detect performance of asphalt in high temperatures and medium temperature. It used to test performance of anti – rutting and fatigue resistance of asphalt as well. BBR evaluated for low temperature crack resistance property of bitumen. PAV is a simulation for long-term aging process of asphalt. Combined with DSR & BBR can evaluate the pavement performance of asphalt materials. Chemical composition tester lab gives a microscopic evaluation of the chemical composition of asphalt from the perspective of chemical group composition.


For the development of new materials and asphalt, based on the indicators that detected by the asphalt chamber and combined with the pavement performance evaluation of mixture asphalt materials given by asphalt mixture lab, we can achieve a professional and comprehensive evaluation, popularization and application.

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