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DS-CM Colloid Mill

1. Product Introduction

1) Grinding disc of colloid mill includes radially umbrella-shaped six-layer continuous shearing and one-layer grinding structure, combination of both structures realizes polymer hard shearing, grinding and homogenization at the same time, and it has low power consumption; 

2) Polymer of 20% can be processed to reach the requirements after one-time processing, and the particles are even and small fineness (1~20um); 

3) The colloid mill can produce emulsified SBS/SBR modified asphalt with high performance (content of SBS/SBR in asphalt is not less than 6%, solid content of emulsified modified asphalt is equal or greater than 75%, content of particles whose size is less than 5um will reach 95%); 

4) Guarantee period of colloid mill is two years or 200,000 tons.

2. Technical Parameters


3. Product Pictures



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