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DS-PF Foamed Asphalt Plant

1.Our company develops DS-PF Foamed Asphalt Plant innovatively according to 

asphalt foaming principles and combined with features of foreign and domestic foamed 

asphalt equipment. 

2.The equipment uses efficient uniform mixing structure, firstly distributes foaming liquid 

and gas into asphalt fully under high-pressure conditions, and obtains foamed asphalt 

with higher expansion rate and longer half life after pressure release. 

3.The equipment has the following advantages:

1)Convenient installation and operation, high measuring accuracy, good foaming effects 

and other advantages.

2)It can achieve good foaming effects for normal asphalt, rubber asphalt and SBS modified 

asphalt and other hot asphalt.

3)SBS or SBR latex can be used as foaming liquid to achieve modification while foaming, 

and to improve pavement performance.

4)It has good matching with mixing equipment, and it matches various kinds of cold and hot 

mixture mixing equipment.

5)It avoids asphalt aging during production of hot mix asphalt, and prolongs pavement life.

6)It reduces harmful gas emission, improves operating environment, saves energy and 

prolongs construction seasons.


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