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DS-MPCM ColdMix Mixture Mixing Plant

1.DS-MPCM ColdMix Mixture Mixing Plant is a new mixture cold-mixed equipment developed by our company using advanced technology and combined with mixture mixing and spreading technology trend- achieving cold-mixed cold-laid;

2.It can mix foamed asphalt, emulsified asphalt and normal-temperature liquid-state pressure-sensitive modified asphalt materials. It can achieve both cold-mixed of reclaimed asphalt mixture and that of new aggregates. And it can realize cold-mixed and cold-laid. 

3.The equipment has the following advantages:

1)Single cylinder double mixer mixes and feeds material continuously, and has compact, rational layout, low energy consumption and high output.

2)Mixer uses wearable alloy material, and has long operational life.

3)Multi-type asphalt spreading rod is equipped, and can meet technical requirements of different asphalt materials and adding quantities; spreading rod has adjustable position, and can meet mixing requirements of different mixing materials.

4)High material measuring accuracy, high automation and good mixing quality.

5)Automatic or manual control, safe operation and stable performance.



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