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DS-IPRSEM Multi-functional Integrated Plant for Rubber-modified/SBS modified/Modified Asphalt Emulsion

1.Main function modules

1.1 crumb rubber/SBS modified asphalt system

1)Rapid temperature rise of base asphalt;

2)crumb rubber/SBS weighing and feeding;

3)Pumping and measuring base asphalt;

4)Quick solid and liquid mixing of crumb rubber/SBS and base asphalt;

5)Pumping to colloid mill;

6)Shearing and grinding mixtures by colloid mill;

7)Development of modified asphalt; 

8)Measuring and adding stabilizer;

9)Storage and discharging of finished product;

10)Purifying and treating production tail gas;

11)Full-automatic and manual operation control system (share) etc.

1.2 Emulsified modified asphalt system

1)Preparing soap liquid (measuring emulsifier and water, acid adjustment etc.);

2)Measuring modified asphalt / base asphalt, soap liquid and latex, and then 

pumping them to colloid mill at the same time;

3)Emulsifying by colloid mill (share);

4)Cooling emulsified asphalt;

5)Storage and discharging of finished product; 

It can produce crumb rubber/SBS/composite modified asphalt with output of 10-60 t/h, 

emulsified SBS modified asphalt and normal emulsified asphalt with output of 6-50 t/h;

You can choose factory production mode or the mode of connecting to on-site asphalt 

concrete mixing plant.



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