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DS-UFT Asphalt Fume Treatment Unit

1.Processing Flow

High-temperature harmful gas from modified asphalt equipment and tank area → Cooling/liquid collecting tank → induced draft fan →removing harmful substances by alkali liquor absorption tower (hydrogen sulfide) → removing harmful substances by organic solvent absorption tower (oil and benzene compounds are collected) →non-polluting emission.

2.Treatment Efficiency

1)Purification rate of the equipment can reach 97% at least.

2)Average value of hydrogen sulfide ≤0.01mg/m3, which is less than 0.06 mg/m3 specified by national emission standards (Emission standards for odor pollutants GB14544-93).

3)Organic compounds such as oil and benzene compounds are too little to be detected.

4)Tail gas after purification meets environmental protection requirements, realizing up-to-standard emission completely.

3.Product Pictures


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