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DS-UQH Asphalt Quick Heating Unit

Asphalt quick heating-up tank is asphalt quick temperature rise system developed by our company independently. The system has the following advantages:

1.It can burn coal and be equipped with burner (fuel oil or gas), and can generate heat of 800,000 kcal/h. Its heat energy utilization rate is higher than 85%, and it can make temperature of 20t base asphalt rise 50℃ at least per hour.

2.It will cost only 0.1 Yuan fuel cost (coal fee) for 1t asphalt to have a 1℃ temperature rise, compared with traditional heating device, it can save fuel costs of over 40%.

3.High or low level alarm work with asphalt pump and oil burner, which can effectively avoid tank overflowing and dry heating in order to ensure safety production.

4.During temperature rise, it can prevent air from entering high-temperature asphalt, with high temperature-rise efficiency, and it can avoid asphalt aging effectively.

5.Tank is equipped with burning, mixing and heat exchange device, the volume of which is 30 cubic meters. It has three functions of boiler, heat exchanger and asphalt storage container.

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