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DS-TMSEM SBS Modified Asphalt Emulsion Testing Machine

1.Equipment Applications

It can produce modified asphalt (SBS/SBR/crumb rubber modified asphalt), emulsified modified asphalt (SBS/SBR emulsified modified asphalt) and normal emulsified asphalt;

2.Equipment output

It can produce 12 kg emulsified modified asphalt (SBS/SBR emulsified modified asphalt) per batch;

Its equipment output can reach 100 kg/h by connecting external material tank;

3.Specifications of finished products 

As for the produced emulsified modified asphalt, content of SBS/SBR in asphalt is higher than 6%, solid content of emulsified modified asphalt is not less than 75%, and content of particles with size less than 5um can reach 95% at least.


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