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DS-TMF Foamed Asphalt Testing Machine

Foamed asphalt testing equipment uses high-efficiency homogenizing mixing structure, firstly distributes foaming liquid into asphalt under high pressure conditions, and obtain foamed asphalt with higher expansion rate and longer half life after pressure release. 

1.Main Modules

1)Asphalt heating, measuring and adding system

2)Foaming liquid heating, measuring and adding system

3)Compressed air measuring and adding system

4)Foam generator

5)Mixture mixing tank

6)Control system

7)Manual and automatic operation functions.

2.The testing equipment has the following advantages

1)It can achieve good foaming effects for normal asphalt, rubber asphalt and SBS modified asphalt and other hot asphalt. 

2)SBS or SBR latex can be used as foaming liquid to achieve modification while foaming, and to improve pavement performance.

3)Accuracy: Travel-type liquid filling machine of foaming liquid can measure instant and total flow of micro-liquid accurately, and can measure expansion rate and half life of various asphalts under different pressure, temperature, foaming liquid and air amount.

4)Practicality: The testing equipment has the same structure and function as large production equipment, which can guide actual production through experiment, and it is more scientific. 

5)Economy: The testing equipment is developed independently by our company, so the price is far below similar products abroad.



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