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De-noise Micro-surfacing Technique for emulsified & composite modified asphalt pavement



DS-TDM is a kind of technology that bases on high performance & solid-content modified & emulsified asphalt for preventability road micro-surface maintenance. The high temperature performance & adhesive power are much better than SBR modified & emulsified asphalt, which means better pavement performance.


Compare with SBR, besides these sorts of advantages, like skid-resistance, waterproof, anti-rut, traffic opened rapidly, it also has:


1.         Excellent high temperature performance


Evaporation residue softening point of high performance, high solid content SBS modified & emulsified asphalt is 75 or higher, and evaporation residue softening point of SBR modified & emulsified asphalt 62 or less.


2.         Excellent adhesive strength


High performance, high solid content SBS modified & emulsified asphalt has more strong adhesive force with the under layer, prevent the shift between the layers or exfoliate. It has strong adhesive force with the aggregate as well and high abrasion resistance.


3.         Low-cost on material


Comparing with SBR, reduce cost more than 500 RMB per ton.

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