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DS-NAASA Non-Amines Asphalt Anti-stripping Agent

1.Product Introduction

The product is a kind of high-efficiency surface-active agent (mainly non-ionic type). It has both polar end and non-polar end which has extremely strong affinity with stone and asphalt respectively so as to form stronger adhesive force between these two incompatible materials.

2.Product Features

1)Compared with amine anti-stripping agent, it has more effective polar and non-polar ends, and can improve adhesive force between asphalt and aggregates more significantly.

2)It has better resistance to high temperature and moisture damage than amine anti-stripping agent, and its effect is more stable and lasting.

3)It improves resistance to low temperature and moisture damage, anti-track, anti-fatigue and anti-aging of asphalt pavement.

3.Product usage amount and methods

1)Dosage/addition amount:3~5‰ of asphalt amount

2)Application method: firstly add the product into asphalt, and mix the materials with aggregates based on conventional processes after they are being mixed thoroughly, and then carry out construction with the materials. 


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