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DS-ARA High-modulus Asphalt Mixture Additive (Anti-rutting Agent)

1.Product Introduction

DS-ARA High-modulus Asphalt Mixture Additive (Anti-rutting Agent) can significantly improve asphalt mixture’s high-temperature stability, fatigue resistance, water stability,  low temperature crack resistance and dynamic modulus (anti-rutting performance).

2.Product Applications

1)Heavy traffic roads

2)Roads in high-temperature area. 

3)Road level crossing and ramps:

3.Product usage amount and methods

1)Admixture ratio of addition agent: 0.25-0.5% of mixture amount

2)Add aggregates of 180-190℃ into mixing pan, and add anti-rutting agent with batch feeder at the same time, and then mix the mixture for 15-18 seconds in dry state to make it mix with aggregates thoroughly. Then add asphalt, and stir for 40~45 seconds.


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