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DS-WMAA-01, 02 WarmMix Agent for Asphalt

1.Product Introduction

DS-WMAA-01 is water-soluble type, while DS-WMAA-02 is oil-soluble type. Its mechanism of action is based on interface chemical theory basis. The agent can reduce high-temperature viscosity of asphalt, thereby decreasing mixing, spreading and rolling temperature of mixed materials.

2.Product Applications

1)Pavement of tunnel, municipal roads and other roads with high requirements on construction environment and environmental protection.

2)Spreading construction of asphalt pavement under low temperature in early spring, autumn and winter.

3.Product usage amount and methods

1)DS-WMAA-01 warm mixing agent is added into mixing tank of mixing plant together with asphalt by charging machine (2-5% of asphalt amount).

2)DS-WMAA-02 warm mixing agent need to be mixed with asphalt uniformly first, and then pumped into mixing plant to mix with aggregates(0.3-0.6% of asphalt amount).总图.jpg

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