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DS-FR Asphalt Flame-Retardant

1.Product Introduction

DS-FR Asphalt Flame-Retardant has various features, such as flame retardance, smoke abatement, non-toxic, cold and weather resistance, uneasy precipitation, easy to disperse, good thermal stability, environmental protection without halogen..

2.Product Applications

1)Heat absorption function: Able to absorb partial heat of fire source and reduce flame temperature.

2)Coverage function: Able to insulate heat and oxygen, and to prevent combustible gas from escaping.

3)Suppression function: Dilute combustible gas and oxygen density effectively.

3.Product usage amount and methods

1)5-10% of asphalt quantity.

2)Add DS-FR into hot-melt asphalt (160℃±5℃) directly, and mix the materials uniformly under constant temperature.


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