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DS-HCS Hot Construction Sealant

1.Product Introduction

DS-HCS Hot Construction Sealant has large extensibility under low temperature, adapt well to contraction of cement or asphalt concrete without crack. Under high temperature, it has good thermal stability, no softening and no flowing, as well as excellent resistance to sand embedding and anti-aging.

2.Product Applications

It is suitable for dealing with various pavement joints, including waterproof of deformation seams such as extension seam, sedimentation seam and anti-earthquake seam, water stop sealing of pipe connection, rolling material joint adhesive sealing, coating film water proof, etc.

3.Construction technology

Use grooving machine to open gap and sweep gap clean, after heating, melting and mixing the product uniformly, and use hot gap filler to fill gap.

Optimal use temperature: 170-190℃.


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