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DS-WCNCR Non-cured Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coatings

1.Product Introduction

DS-WCNCR is elastic rubber shape object that is formed by mixing high quality petroleum asphalt, functional macromolecule modifier and special additive, and is waterproof material that can keep adhesive paste shape under use status. The product has outstanding creep performance, and has various features such as own recovery, anti-leakage, water seepage resistance, aging resistance and no stress.

2.Product Application

It is suitable for waterproof works of roof works, underground works, bridge and tunnel with concrete and steel structure. It is used in base with large undulation and stress and positions with predictable and frequent deformation; it is especially suitable for works that can’t use flame construction, mechanic construction and cold adhesive construction, etc.

3.Product usage amount and method

1)Product use quantity: 1.3 1.3Kg/㎡ for 1 mm thickness of coating.

2)Use method: Spraying contraction, one-time formation, without drying time.


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