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DS-WCQSR Quick-setting Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coatings

1.Product  Introduction

DS-WCQSR is double component waterproof material. It uses several macromolecule polymer milk liquids and mini-milk type anion modified asphalt as base materials, is mixed with special film former, etc., and forms dense and complete waterproof and antisepsis film quickly after spraying and mixing.

2.Product Applications

It is suitable for waterproof works of roof works, underground works, bridge and tunnel with concrete and steel structure. It is also used for heavy antisepsis coating of surfaces such as concrete, metal and wood of building (structure), ground, underground or below-water steel works, ocean facility, water equipment, garbage treatment, nuclear power, mine smelting.

3.Product Advantages

1)Have excellent tensile resistance, and breaking extension rate can reach 1,800%.

2)Have good adhesive strength, and able to spray on different bases.

3)Have excellent punching resistance, chemical resistance and good environmental protection and safety.

4)Have excellent heat stability and low temperature resistance, and use temperature is -40-80℃.


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