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DS-SRM-01 Stable Rubber Asphalt Modifier

1.Product Introduction

Stable-type rubber asphalt modifier can improve asphalt adhesion property, temperature sensitivity, asphalt mixture modulus, high-temperature stability(anti-rut capacity), low-temperature performance and water stability.

2.Product application and features

1)It can be added into base asphalt directly, and can also be used together with SBS. 

2)The modified asphalt has good storage stability, no segregation, no precipitation, able to hot storage and long-distance transportation, also it can keep its performance index high for two months.

3)Furthermore, the modified asphalt has excellent pavement performance,the PG grade of which can reach PG76-28 and PG82-28.

3.Product usage amount and methods

Add 20~25% modifier when asphalt temperature rises to 180℃, mix and shear for 20~40min, and add a certain amount of poising agent and stabilizer.

DS-SRA-01稳定型橡胶沥青改性剂 (1).jpgDS-SRA-01稳定型橡胶沥青改性剂 (2).jpg

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