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DS-HVM Hyperviscous Asphalt Modifier

1.Product Introduction

This kind of modifier can significantly improve asphalt viscosity, asphalt mixture high-temperature stability (anti-rut capacity), fatigue resistance, water stability and low-temperature cracking resistance.

2.Product Applications

1)Porous asphalt pavement

2)Rigid bridge pavement,paving asphalt mixture on old cement concrete pavement

3)Heavy-traffic roads and roads which are easy to rut under heavy load. 

3.Product usage amount and methods

1)Premixing: heat heavy-traffic asphalt to 185℃, add 10% DS-SHV high-viscosity asphalt modifier, and shear for 25~30min at high speed.

2)Direct distribution: Add DS-SHV high-viscosity asphalt modifier while adding aggregates to mixing pot according to the usage ratio, add asphalt based on asphalt-aggregate ratio, and mix the materials for 40~45s.


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