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DS-IWRM Inspection Well Repair Materials

1. Product Introduction

The product is cement material with high adhesive force, super high early strength and without shrinkage; it not only has strength of cement concrete, but also has flexibility, impact resistance and shear resistance of asphalt concrete.

2. Product Features

1)Good fluidity, and able to form strength quickly after construction.

2)Without oxide, and without corrosive effect on steel.

3)Having strong adhesive force with asphalt mixture or other interface, and without generating surrounding crack

4)After using the concrete for grouting, make well base, well cylinder and surrounding road surface form firm integrity, and ensure no movement deformation is formed under vehicle impact load.

3. Product usage amount and methods

After manual mixing various materials such as machine crushed stone and steel fiber into concrete according to design mixing ratio of 10-20, firstly grout the part below well base, after grouting dense, grout the upper part, thickness of well ring concrete underlaying layer (installation concrete) shall be ≮6cm, and finally use semi-rigidity high elasticity concrete to level top layer. Continue to finish construction, and install well cover quickly.



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