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DS-HVMA Hyperviscous Modified Asphalt Application Technology

1.Technology Introduction

1)Hyperviscous Modified Asphalt is made of heavy-traffic asphalt which is modified by high-viscosity modifier developed by Shandong Dashan Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shandong Shanjian Road Engineering Research Institute.

2)Compared with ordinary modified asphalt, it has higher viscosity, toughness and tenacity. It also has excellent viscosity under high temperature (60 dynamic viscosity can reach 50000Pa∙s or higher), solving the problem that viscosity of other hot-melt materials decreases under high temperature.

3)High polymer with good performance is used to improve aggregation state of asphalt under pavement temperature. Therefore, high-viscosity modified asphalt has higher viscosity, fatigue resistance, lower temperature sensitivity, better low-temperature properties. So it is widely used in waterproof bonding layer, steel bridge deck, and permeable pavement.

2.Technology Advantages

1)Waterproof bonding layer of high-viscosity modified asphalt can greatly improve interlayer bonding, waterproofness, stress-absorbing capability between bridge steel plate and high-viscosity modified asphalt mixtures.

2)High-viscosity modified asphalt has enduring wrapping force, high adhesion, better resistance to stripping, waterproofness, elasticity and tenacity.

3)Using high-viscosity modified asphalt mixture can effectively avoid the following problems of paving layer under heavy load, such as the larger shearing stress, interface displacement, rut, cracking caused by temperature shrinkage effects and other pavement diseases.

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